International Survey of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

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Most Recent Cases of Herbicide Resistant Weeds Entered into the Database
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#Date Last UpdatedSpeciesCountryFirst YearSite of Action
1 February 23, 2021Arctotheca calendulaAustralia (Western Australia) AustraliaWestern Australia20201 Multiple Resistance: 3 Sites of Action
ALS inhibitors (B/2)
Carotenoid biosynthesis inhibitors (F1/12)
EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
2 February 23, 2021Rapistrum rugosumAustralia (New South Wales ) AustraliaNew South Wales 20211 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
3 February 23, 2021Echinochloa crus-galli var. crus-galliAustralia (New South Wales ) AustraliaNew South Wales 20211 ACCase inhibitors (A/1)
4 February 4, 2021Euphorbia heterophyllaBrazilBrazil 20195 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
87Wild Poinsettia19213
5 February 4, 2021Digitaria insularisBrazilBrazil 20205 Multiple Resistance: 2 Sites of Action
ACCase inhibitors (A/1)
EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
6 February 1, 2021Echinochloa crus-galli var. crus-galliBrazilBrazil 20205 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
7 December 16, 2020Bromus rubensSpainSpain 201838 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
324Red Brome18210
8 November 26, 2020Bromus madritensisSpainSpain 201838 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
352Compact Brome18209
9 November 13, 2020Eleusine indicaItalyItaly 201924 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
10 October 20, 2020Amaranthus tuberculatus (=A. rudis)IsraelIsrael 201923 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
219Tall Waterhemp18207
11 October 7, 2020Amaranthus palmeriUnited States (Connecticut) United StatesConnecticut201945 Multiple Resistance: 2 Sites of Action
ALS inhibitors (B/2)
EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
14Palmer Amaranth18206
12 October 1, 2020Apera spica-ventiBelgiumBelgium 20193 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
20Silky Windgrass18199
13 September 21, 2020Poa annuaNew ZealandNew Zealand 202030 ACCase inhibitors (A/1)
130Annual Bluegrass18203
14 September 10, 2020Avena fatuaIrelandIreland 201981 ACCase inhibitors (A/1)
28Wild Oat18200
15 July 3, 2020Conyza canadensisFranceFrance 201917 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
16 June 22, 2020Chloris barbata = (C. inflate)MexicoMexico 201829 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
53Swollen Fingergrass18197
17 June 22, 2020Sorghum halepenseAustralia (Queensland) AustraliaQueensland20191 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
18 June 22, 2020Hordeum murinum ssp. leporinumSpainSpain 201838 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
98Hare Barley18192
19 May 20, 2020Eleusine indicaUnited States (Alabama) United StatesAlabama201945 PSI Electron Diverter (D/22)
20 January 22, 2020Avena fatuaAustralia (Queensland) AustraliaQueensland20181 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
28Wild Oat18187
21 November 28, 2019Amaranthus hybridus (syn: quitensis)BrazilBrazil 20185 Multiple Resistance: 2 Sites of Action
ALS inhibitors (B/2)
EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
12Smooth Pigweed18184
22 November 28, 2019Secale cerealeUnited States (Colorado) United StatesColorado201845 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
351Feral Rye18182
23 November 28, 2019Echinochloa crus-galli var. crus-galliArgentinaArgentina 201948 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
24 November 22, 2019Avena sterilis ssp. ludovicianaAustralia (New South Wales ) AustraliaNew South Wales 20181 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
30Sterile oat18186
25 October 24, 2019Capsella bursa-pastorisNorwayNorway 201931 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
26 October 1, 2019Carduus acanthoidesArgentinaArgentina 201948 Multiple Resistance: 2 Sites of Action
EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
Synthetic Auxins (O/4)
348Plumeless Thistle18173
27 September 24, 2019Oryza sativa var. sylvaticaColombiaColombia 201810 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
242Red Rice18170
28 September 2, 2019Rapistrum rugosumSpainSpain 201838 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
29 August 19, 2019Conyza sumatrensisTurkeyTurkey 201971 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
65Sumatran Fleabane18164
30 August 5, 2019Lithospermum arvenseChinaChina 20199 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
341Corn Gromwell18168
31 July 31, 2019Chloris radiataColombiaColombia 201910 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
340Radiate Fingergrass18165
32 May 13, 2019Galinsoga parvifloraFranceFrance 201817 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
339Gallant Soldier18162
33 May 13, 2019Conyza sumatrensisAustralia (Queensland) AustraliaQueensland20181 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
65Sumatran Fleabane18161
34 January 9, 2019Amaranthus palmeriUnited States (Kansas) United StatesKansas201845 Synthetic Auxins (O/4)
14Palmer Amaranth18151
35 December 15, 2018Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorumUnited States (Washington) United StatesWashington201845 Long chain fatty acid inhibitors (K3/15)
110Italian Ryegrass17154
36 December 15, 2018Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorumUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom 201844 Long chain fatty acid inhibitors (K3/15)
110Italian Ryegrass17153
37 December 15, 2018Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorumFranceFrance 201817 Long chain fatty acid inhibitors (K3/15)
110Italian Ryegrass17152
38 December 15, 2018Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorumUnited States (Oregon) United StatesOregon201845 Long chain fatty acid inhibitors (K3/15)
110Italian Ryegrass17151
39 November 9, 2018Bidens subalternansParaguayParaguay 201846 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
194Greater Beggarticks17150
40 October 10, 2018Conyza canadensisUnited States (Oklahoma) United StatesOklahoma201845 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
41 October 2, 2018Conyza sumatrensisAustralia (Queensland) AustraliaQueensland20181 PSI Electron Diverter (D/22)
65Sumatran Fleabane17148
42 July 16, 2018Oryza sativa var. sylvaticaMalaysiaMalaysia 201828 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
242Red Rice17145
43 April 2, 2018Amaranthus palmeriUnited States (Oklahoma) United StatesOklahoma201845 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
14Palmer Amaranth17134
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